Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nordan NTech 1.2w/m2k

NorDan Timber Window & NTech Technology
NorDan providers of high performance eco friendly timber windows and doors now offer a Uvalue of 1.2W/m2K as standard , meaning the standard window range has earned the name that is synonymous with low energy performance Ntech
The improvement in performance has been achieved through the addition of a new higher performance low emissivity coating and warm edge spacer with argon gas filling

What Is NTech Passive
This product combines the latest cutting edge technology with traditional Norwegian technology and was developed in the 1980s
to lower Uvalue standards.
NorDan’s timber windows have taken the same form for over forty years or more and are installed in buildings all over Europe with very tough weather conditions. The window is manufactured in North European pine with glazing in low E with aluminium spacer bar and achieves an overall U-Value of 1.6W/m2K or 1.4W/m2k with argon gas filled cavities.

Report By John Stobbs - for more info see our google doc

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