Sunday, 9 May 2010

Glazing to Passive House Std

Pilkington glass have designed a new range of insulating glass unit ‘energikare’ which will see us through the next set of Building Regs and beyond.
With the energikare range there are many combinations to suit the level required :-
  • Suitable for low carbon and zero carbon design
  • Exceeds the BRFC WER A ratings
  • Meets Code For Sustainable Homes all levels
  • Reaches Passive Haus standards
  • Backed and approved by Energy Savings Trust

The standard Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) makeup comes with an inner pane of ‘Pilks K glass’, with a argon gas filled cavity and an outer pane of glass with ‘Optiwhite’.
Optiwhite is an extra clear glass which provides an enhanced passive solar gain coupled with warm edge spacer and gas technology will help reduce household energy usage and C02 emissions.

A typical Insulated Glass Unit:-
Optifloat / 16mm Air Cavity / inner pane Pilks K - Centre pane Uvalue of 1.7W/m2K

Introduce energikare with Gas & warm edge spacer
energikare Opt white /16mm Argon gas cavity/ Warm edge spacer bar/ Pilks K reaches 1.5W/m2K
Further results can be achieved using the energikare ‘legacy’ system reaching 1.4W/m2k uvalue

Meeting Passive Haus Standard
To meet Passive Haus and EST standards Pilkington have designed a triple glazed IGU using different gases
in the cavity :-
Optiwhite/12mm krypton cavity/Middle pane K glass Optiwhite Toughened 12mm krypton cavity/
inner pane optiwhite K glass giving a uvalue of 0.7W/m2K.

Window Energy Rating (WER)
The WER system measures the overall efficiency ot the window plus frame an reports a single factor figure.
Its has been designed on an approach taken by the European Union for domestic appliances and is a very
easy way to compare the energy efficiency of alternative products.
The window industry has adopted this easy to use system for replacement windows and it helps give a gauge
to the energy factor when being used in new homes.

Some Facts On energikare
Triple glazed IGUs will be the only way to hit our future UK energy targets.
Optiwhite increases solar gain and is extra clear glass.
Pilks K stops heat escaping from within the dwelling.
The triple system exceeds BRFC WER A ratings
energikare combinations help Sap scores and allow larger glazed areas.
Using warm edge spacer bar helps reduce edge condensation risks.
Consideration to use soft coat options are eliminated.
A toughened Mid Pane in triple glazing reduces the risk of thermal breakage.

Report By: John Stobbs

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