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Revolutionary Breathing Building

The Revolutionary Breathing Building

As the regulations in the UK change to meet Zero Carbon Targets a new building concept with open timber frame as been developed to meet he new regulations and beyond.
Two Scottish companies Lomond Timber Frame and Energyflow Construction Technologies have developed a dynamic breathing building concept that they believe could revolutionise the housebuilding industry for ever.
Stuart Rennie, managing director of Lomond Timber Frame, commentd to John Stobbs "Through the exciting work we are carrying out with Energyflo Technologies incorporating their system into timber frame buildings, we are well on the way towards not only minimising energy costs for the home owner, but to making meaningful reduction in carbon emissions.

Cutting Carbon Emissions

The cutting edge insulation system ‘Energyflo Cell’ will cut carbon emissions significantly, improve air quality, and result in long-term cost savings for the life of the dwelling..
The Dynamic Breathing Building system is air-permeable providing fantastic benefits. In winter it can warm ventilation air using heat from the home which would otherwise be lost, and in summer months the versatile system allows cool air to circulate. At the same time, the air is also filtered providing further benefits to house occupiers in the form of improved indoor air quality.
Dr Andrew Peacock, CEO of Energyflo, said: "Developing the technology for use in open panel timber frames is a great step forward. We believe this system could mean significant reductions in energy consumption compared with conventional thermal insulation. We look forward to further developing the product in partnership with Lomond and rolling the system out across the housebuilding industry."

House Trials in Lochgelly - Fife

A family from Fife is set to put one of Scotland's greenest social housing experiments to the test as they move into their new home in Fife
Their house at Lomond Homes' New Farm Vale development is the focus of a three month pilot project, as it features cutting-edge 'green' insulation in its walls. The home built is part of the Fife Housing Association Alliance programme and was officially handed over in January this year signalling the start of the trial.
In total, three houses will be monitored at the site, for three months, using electronic devices to measure energy savings in relation to the prevailing weather conditions. Two of the houses have been fitted with 'Dynamic Breathing Building' technology with the third being fitted with conventional insulation.
Stuart Rennie, said "Insulation panels designed by Energyflo Construction Technologies have been inserted into our open-panel frames for the first time, in what I hope will be a successful pilot scheme and become a continuing partnership. "If this is the case then it will result in a minimising of energy costs for the occupants and also a meaningful reduction in carbon emissions. The potential for our Dynamic Breathing Building system is huge and in just three months we will have a far greater understanding of its full potential."
Dr Andrew Peacock, CEO of Energyflo, said: 'We believe this system could mean significant reductions in energy consumption compared with conventional thermal insulation. We are looking forward to the trial and if our hypothesis is correct it will revolutionise the house building industry."
The houses were built as part of the Fife Alliance Affordable Housing programme through a contract between Kingdom Housing Association and Lomond Homes. Kingdom Housing Association is the lead development association for the Alliance

House Trials in Lochgelly - Fife
Bill Banks, Depute Chief Executive with Kingdom, comments "Our objectives for the affordable housing programme include sustainability targets which will improve energy efficiency and address issues associated with fuel affordability and it will be interesting to monitor the results of the new technology, which can hopefully be rolled out to other projects in the future"
Kingdom developed the new houses for Ore Valley Housing Association who now own and manage the houses as part of a larger project at New Farm. Andrew Saunders, Director, with Ore Valley, said "The new homes have all been allocated to families and the potential of this new type of insulation is very exciting. If the results are what we expect, then the benefits to tenants will be significant."

A Little More On Lomond Group

For more details on the technology and Lomond Homes, visit
The Lomond Group comprises the following divisions:
Lomond Homes is a residential new homes builder with extensive timber kit construction facilities and a comprehensive design and build capability including site infrastructure design facilities.
Lomond Land is a vigorous land development operation increasingly proactive in identifying and assembling land development opportunities. In order to add land value to these opportunities the division has built up a strong and diverse in-house team of technical expertise.
Lomond Timber Frame Ltd can supply timber frame kits for any projects throughout the length and breadth of the UK, and prides itself on the supply of large bespoke houses for the individual homes market. Its commercial division can also supply kits for larger projects such as nursing homes, doctors' surgeries, hotels, flats and apartments.
Lomond Properties is an expanding property portfolio business that develops, owns, rents and services commercial property.

Article compiled with express permission : Lomond Homes.

Reporter ::John Stobbs

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