Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lower your energy use and save money.

Comments from our group members this week:-

Fred Ku-Mesu KCC Electrical & Home Automation Ltd

VPhase is a device that reduces and manages voltage coming into your home/office ensuring your electrical appliances use less electricity and cost less to run. It will also lower your carbon emissions. Savings of £75 to £135 a year off your electricity bills.

Jason McDonald Director Designate at Capita Symonds
We use similar Voltage Optimization equipment for large commercial developments and are generally happy with their performance. I would advise to check your incoming supply voltage first. The higher the incoming voltage, the more savings & therefore better payback period. The closer your voltage is to 220V the lower the savings.

I believe that people would be just as interested in 'Payback' as they are in annual savings. Do you have an approximate installed cost for these units?

Fred Ku-Mesu Reply

Approximate installed cost is GBP 425.00 + VAT per unit. Price break available for >5, 10, 20 ...
We would like to speak to interested parties in the social housing sector, general domestic market and commercial developments.

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