Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sustainable Solar Ivy

Renewable energy technology mimics ivy growth to generate electricity.

Roof space not large enough or facing the right direction to accommodate solar PV panels? Well, as long as you have a wall, there's a way to take advantage of the benefits of renewable technology with a new solar energy system by eco-design team, SMIT (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology).

Solar Ivy is an innovative source of sustainable energy designed to mimic the form of ivy growing up the side of a building. The modular system consists of a series of UV stable, high density polyethylene ‘leaves' which harness energy from the sun and wind to generate electricity. This can be either fed straight into a grid tie inverter or used to charge batteries for off-grid storage.

Attached to external fa├žades via a stainless steel recyclable mesh, the lightweight system is suitable for most types of building and can be scaled to any size. The leaves provide an authentic climbing ivy aesthetic in line with SMIT's design ethic of ‘combining green consultancy with sustainable product development to promote sustainability through biomimicry'. The system can also be used in conjunction with traditional solar panels.

One Solar Ivy leaf typically generates 0.5 watt peak (power density varies with the density of solar ivy leaves per square foot).

News Source:Building4Change

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