Saturday, 5 February 2011

Expert Workshop

Sap Service UK announce a major collaboration workshop with Adam Smith College on running an renewables drop in event "Ask The Experts"

This has been months of talks and meetings but we can reveal that it has never been tried in the format we have planned.
There will be short presentations and then a short round the table discussion on the subject matter
then time to discuss one to one on individual case study.

We will invite Architects ,House Builders, Developers, Surveyors, and Self Builders to bring along their latest projects to discuss with the Experts.

Attending the workshop will be:
Timber Frame Manufacturer
Air Pressure Tester
Underfloor Heating Manufacurer
Ground Source Heat Pump Installer
Solar Panel Manufacturer
Gas Boiler Manufacturer
Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturer
New Innovation with Timber Frame Inventor
Lighting Manufacturer

With this amount of Expertise all together is will be a ticket event only.
The plan is to run eight short presentations throughout the day at set times and have the experts on hand to have 6 or so attendees discuss the points presentented.

Outwith the presentations we will have demo products to touch and feel.

This is an exciting collaboration project and if successful we will use the model to go up and down the UK

If you are interested in learning more about New Technology our workshop will suit.
This is NOT a SALES exhibition and there will be NO salesmen

you can email us on
Tel. 01383 420174

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