Thursday, 10 February 2011

how to reduce your heating bill

Green property: how to reduce your heating bill in 2011

Want to trim your bills, update your home and do your bit for the planet? Sarah tests the latest 'eco’ products and sorts the fads from the finds. This week: keeping the cold out and the heat in

A green makeover could cut energy bills and benefit the environment
A green makeover could cut energy bills and benefit the environment
With fuel prices going through the pain barrier and, in poorly insulated homes, £1 of every £4 spent on heating disappearing through windows, walls and the roof, there has never been a better time to plug the gaps and lock out the cold.

In addition to looking after your own pocket, the Government is hoping that 14 million home owners will give their properties a green makeover in the next 10 years so the country can meet its carbon emissions reduction targets. Under the proposed “Green Deal” currently making its way through the House of Commons in the Energy Bill, home owners will be able to access funding to make a variety of energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

So… how are we doing so far, and what are your resolutions to reduce your bills and carbon emissions in 2011?

Despite the lunacy of wasting fuel, the National Insulation Association estimates that 10 million homes in Britain still have cavity walls that need filling and 13 million lofts that need extra insulation. A further 6.6  million homes have solid walls that could easily be made more efficient with an extra layer of external insulation.

We have been slowly tackling heat loss in our own draughty Twenties house. In 2008, we had cavity wall insulation installed; in 2009, we did our loft; and last year we replaced our ancient fridge with an AA-rated one. We have also installed secondary glazing to our draughty north-facing bay windows, put in an insulated letter box and put up some snug thermal lined curtains.

By Sarah Lonsdale

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