Thursday, 30 June 2011

In Association with our UK partners

PA/TL our Sap software provider and trainer have
officially awarded
Sap Service Uk partner status and
we now offer a full backup service to users of their JPA Designer Software who do not wish to renew their accreditation to lodge Energy Performance Certificates but still wish to use the software.

June has seen the integration of our monthly newsletter
John Stobbs Reporting
into the re-vamp of our Media Centre
The Green Platform.
Due to the size of our following the task is now too big a job for email and it has been decided to bring the monthly news into our Virtual Centre.

Renewable Awareness Courses will now be available for Sap Service Uk clients and will be held in the newly completed renewables suite at Edinburgh's Telford College. The course will serve as a taster for an intro into to micogeneration and will make full use of the college's new facilities which are the most up to date in the UK Dates can be organised for a single place up to Twenty by using our Contact Form on this link.

Cameron House our Virtual Training Centre has undergone a 60 minute make over with the addition of specific training areas and expertise on a full range of subjects important to current and future design. The new Training Rooms One and Two will house Slide Shows and Video each room will have new presentations showing on a monthly basis.

Our Fee Note Package for 2011 has a No Hassle, One Fee, No Quibble, very competitive approach in the form of the Total Solutions Energy Package. Our new Fee Note is the result of a six month survey carried out with our client portfolio to determine the best Solution but keeping costs to a minimum. The new package will include free advice on compliance, free UValue certification, free Amendments, access to case studies and our partners specifications

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