Saturday, 28 July 2012

Air Pressure Testing ~ The Blower Door

A Fan known as a blower door is mounted into the frame of an external door with buffered frame clamps ensuring that there is no damage to frame or door. Once the blower door fan is secure we then power the fan up to pull air out of the building which in turn lowers the air pressure inside. The air pulled out of the building is controlled by our tester and the higher external air pressure streams through finding all the all unsealed gaps and holes through the building. The main aim of the Air Test is to determine the air infiltration rate of a building and the Tester must work hand in hand with our As Built Sap Assessment produced after construction.

Blower Door
The Air Test that is carried out by our experienced Engineers is a calibrated air tightness test and it allows us to measure the amount of air sucked out of the property and also gauge the overall air tightness of the building.   The fan via computer will produce a printout of the calibrated test and with this data we can discuss the air permeability of the building and review with the developer any work to be carried out to seal up weak areas etc.

      Good air permeability can save energy and money of the occupant’s energy bills.

      Thermal Imaging helps to identify and locate air leaks in the buildings envelope.

We have a short slideshow presentation that will give a little more insight to Testing Slideshow Link

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