Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Air Pressure Testing & Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is the ideal tool to compliment an Air Pressure Test as it helps identify where heat is being lost from your buildings

What is Thermal Imaging
All things, even freezing ones, release heat as infra-red radiation which stops emitting when the temperature falls to  absolute zero (-273°C) but you need thermal imaging equipment to see the Infrared emissions as its wavelength is too long to be recognized by the human eye. 

The equipment used is thermal imaging camera which works by discovering the infra-red image produced by an item, and then transforming it to images that can be seen by the eye. The camera detects the different levels of emitted infrared in relation to the object's temperature and represents them as different colours, usually ranging from black or blue for the coldest areas to yellow, orange and red for the hottest areas

Most contemporary thermal imaging cameras figure out the heat range of each aspect of the item according to the level of infra-red produced and can store the pictures electronically. Software is also available to help users analyze and understand the thermal images

Interpreting a thermal image is not something that is easy to do and takes a degree of skill and expertise.

Different components and areas release heat at different rates, so some allowance must be made for the construction of each different item inspected.

Carrying out a Thermal Imaging Survey
To carry out surveys on a new or existing property you would employ thermographer where they would be able to identify and locate many problems and help reduce the heatloss with the building envelope.

Sap Service Uk use the latest detection equipment with fully trained personnel to achieve reliable results in the most demanding building applications and have Uk coverage.

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