Friday, 27 July 2012

Air Pressure Testing ~ Workshops

At Sap Service Uk we believe in the Fabric First approach when building as it is our future.
For the last Five years we have been advising our clients on new technology and design with our Invite only websites and this is what has given us our Reputation in the Energy market. For over a year now we have been carrying out our Virtual Training using our 'Green Platform' site using video and Slideshows sponsored by our world class partners and Uk associates.
Airtightness coupled with the Fabric First approach is key to good design and with this we have launched our On Site Consultancy when building to educate at an early stage the key principles of airtight design.
Today we had our fourth such on site workshop with Property Owner, Housebuilder  Joiners, Plumbers, Architect onsite at the first fix stage with timber frame,floors,windows being erected/installed perfect for pointing out detail and demonstrating issues with heatloss.
The workshop went well and was it was acknowledged by all as being a worthwhile excercise.
Our visit has prompted us to design our next slideshow on the basic stages of detailling and guarding against heatloss through fabric etc.

Our Onsite Workshops are contained to Central Scotland and Lothians at present but we have been asked to hold them over the border and we are currently reviewing this service with our testers and associates.

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